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"Small enough to act very personally, individually, and quickly. Big enough to solve even the most difficult assignments!"

Professional HR consulting is more than a "nice-to-have". In an ever complex world with continuously increasing demands on companies and employees alike, the role of an executive manager becomes more and more important.
Based on our long-standing experience and supported by scientifically developed tools, we assist you in finding the right person for the right job. Be it an external candidate or someone identified through the well-founded assessment of available management competencies, which helps strengthen internal corporate dynamics.
In this context, we always put people first.

We help...
...to find the right personality for a key role in your company. No matter if supervisory board members, C-suite officers, managing directors, or heads of major divisions - the success of your business depends to a large extent on the right people in key positions

We advise...
...our clients on selecting internal candidates, too. Based on professionally conducted in-depth interviews and assessments tailored to your needs, we examine which candidate will fit the position in question best, and which measures will be suited to optimize your HR strategy to your company’s advantage.

We offer...
...more than 30 years of experience in HR consulting, a lot of tact and sensitivity when it comes to dealing with candidates, absolute discretion and reliability, as well as a long list of satisfied clients.

We love...
...what we do. Our services revolve around people only, which is both a privilege and a challenge.

jorda & partners Management Colloquium jMC®

A unique method used for evaluating professional competences and selected personality features, which has been developed in cooperation with university experts. It includes a “Professional Competence Profile” as well as a “Personal Competence Profile”.

With interviews carried out by two experienced managers/consultants on an equal footing with the interviewee and held in an atmosphere of trust and respect, we are always met with openness and acceptance, which leads to realistic results. We use this successful analysis tool to support our clients in important personnel decisions, for assessing existing management structures and resources, and for surveys on existing potentials in connection with succession planning, mergers, restructuring processes, advisory board evaluations, changes in ownership, and much more.

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For more than three decades Hans Jorda has been active in the search, selection and evaluation of professionals and executives. Experience in combination with competence and intuition are our success factors in filling key positions in our clients’ companies...

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A company’s success depends to a large extent on its strategic direction. And this requires a competent supervisory board. Due to increasingly demanding (and publicly discussed) qualification profiles, the search for supervisory board members has become more and more challenging...

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jorda Management Colloquium jMC®

In our work we do not only rely on our many years of experience, but also make use of a scientifically developed method. This enables us to assess and weight the professional and personal potential of the people working at your company in a competent and well-grounded way.

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The growing need for temporary managers forms the basis for the perfect symbiosis of Executive Search & jMC®. Restructuring and specific tasks often require short-term, competent executives for temporary assignments. jp has a select and carefully tested pool of outstanding personalities ...

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Each of our experienced consultants has an economic background. Be it Industry, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, Financial Services or Professional Services – We will be happy to provide you with references. We fill board and C-level positions and find managers, experts as well as young talents for all kinds of clients. Across borders.

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Dr. Hans Jorda
Owner, Jurist

began his career in the automotive industry at BMW Austria. Soon after he switched to HR consulting and quickly climbed the career ladder, becoming a major partner and chairman of the Neumann Group as well as the founder of Korn/Ferry International in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and a member of their worldwide board.

Since January 2016, owner of jorda & partners. Hans is a passionate motorcyclist, married, and father of five grown children.

Email: hans.jorda@jordapartners.com

Phone: +43 664 100 84 78

Mag. Jeannette Necpal
Partner, Business Economist

began her career at an HR consulting company before becoming self-employed in 2000. She specializes in advising clients on Finance and Accounting, Management Consulting, HR, Branded Goods, and Sales. Jeannette is a Business Coach and focuses on Talent and Career Coaching.

Since June 2016 partner at jorda & partners. Jeannette is married and has two grown children ...read more

Email: jeannette.necpal@jordapartners.com

Phone: +43 664 420 06 72

Peter Frotz

After completing his secondary education at a multilingual school, Peter perfected his foreign language skills in Canada. In addition to studying business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration he gained professional experience in founding and establishing a start-up. Consequently he used his knowledge of optimization and using the full potential at a company dealing in medical devices. In 2016 an internship quickly turned into a successful entry to the executive search and jorda Management Colloquium®, one of his focal points at jp.
Peter is a passionate tennis player and dog tamer and despite his youth he’s already a pensionary voluntary paramedic.

Email: peter.frotz@jordapartners.com

Phone: +43 664 88 22 63 82

Bernd Schirnhofer, MSc MA

gathered early work experience in the building industry following his basic technical education. In addition to his studies in the fields of corporate governance and entrepreneurship he worked for OMV and accompanied the founding of craftsman’s business. After completing his university education he switched to a sales management role at a German Internet start-up. In 2016 he joined the jorda & partners team as the "youngest" member and successfully adds his considerable know-how in business and HR consultancy in a variety of ways.

Bernd is an avid athlete, avocationally supports a small business and is involved in various associations.

Email: bernd.schirnhofer@jordapartners.com

Phone: +43 664 88 22 51 92

Maxim Chuvaev
Consultant, Engineer

began his career as a scientific researcher at the State Technical University of St.Petersburg. He then switched to HR consulting and became a Partner of the very first recruitment business in the former Soviet Union. As a next step he joined Korn/Ferry as Head of the Advanced Technology Practice for Eastern Europe. Maxim set up his own Human Resources consultancy boutique Chuvaev Consulting in 2011, a jp-cooperation partner from the beginning. He joined jorda & partners in August 2020.

Living in Austria since 2009, he is an avid triathlete and marathon runner and father of five children ...read more

Email: maxim.chuvaev@jordapartners.com

Phone: +43 676 649 41 00

jorda & partners does not only offer you best possible service and advice. We are also able to furnish our business partners with the appropriate tools. Our team’s personal experience, combined with scientifically approved methods will help you optimize your company’s HR management.

Hans Jorda - Owner



Owing to our long-standing personal experience we are well aware of the pros and cons of the world’s biggest Executive Search companies, networks, and boutiques. Together with our partners we are able to offer you bespoke and appropriate solutions to meet your individual needs.
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