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Competence and ....
In our work we do not only rely on our many years of experience, but also make use of a scientifically developed method. This enables us to assess and weight the professional and personal potential of the people working at your company in a competent and well-grounded way. We do so by questioning a person’s individual competences in the course of a structured interview. On top of that, this method is an excellent starting point to improve your business “from the inside” with the help of your own employees.

... scientific foundation
The jMC® represents a unique method for evaluating professional competences and selected personality traits, which has been developed in cooperation with university experts. It consists of a "Professional Competence Profile" as well as a "Personal Competence Profile".

Personal Competence Profile
Here, we focus on assessing competences (personal, social, methodical, business- and management-related, as well as professional competences) by carrying out structured, competence- and behaviour-related interviews. The competences are defined out of a number of behavioural patterns, resulting from knowledge, experience, abilities, values, and attitudes. The Personal Competence Profile is then evaluated on a scale from one to eight, very low values representing a below-average form of the competence, and very high values an above-average one. Please note that extreme values must always be critically examined.

Professional Competence Profile
This makes up the second part of the jorda Management Colloquium® and focuses on personality and character. Due to this very focus and the attitudes that result from personality and character, the findings of the personality appraisal are not measured on a scale, but simply presented by way of a written summary.

Acceptance and Closeness to Reality
With the interviews carried out by two experienced managers/consultants on an equal footing with the interviewee and held in an atmosphere of trust and respect, we are always met with openness and acceptance, which leads to realistic results.

Cooperative Development, Feedback
Your objectives are the pre-requisites for defining the analysis questionnaire and successfully evaluating the relevant competences. Together we establish the competence profiles and provide you with a detailed report, both verbally and in writing, after the jMC®. If requested, we will also give feedback to the candidates.

Scope of Application
We use this successful analysis tool to support our clients in important personnel decisions, for assessing existing management structures and resources, and for surveys on existing potentials in connection with succession planning, mergers, restructuring processes, advisory board evaluations, changes in ownership, and much more.

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