career consulting

from the scope of services of jorda & partners

Individual Consulting Services
facilitate the search for the very position that is tailored to your wishes, experiences and values. We put you in the centre of our analyses and interviews. We define your current professional status (status analysis), help you find new objectives (target analysis), prime you for the labour market and support you in your application processes as well as your future professional development. No matter in which phase of your career you are, there will always be questions: Will a job change help me advance my career? Should I actively push for changes with my current employer? How can I solve the problems with my superior or within my team?

Scope of Application
Career Consulting is not restricted to managers and includes a considerably bigger share of consulting and training than classic coaching. Qualified Career Consulting helps you recognize and take the right steps in your professional career. Our experts assist you in professionally covering these important decisions and will provide you with critical feedback and recommendations for action.

As to methods we prefer various forms of professional interviews. By way of speeches, role plays, video trainings and related practices we build a bridge to work in real life.

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